delivering your ad direct to your target market

We are an established service provider, specializing in pamphlet distribution.

ADdirect is owner managed and this hands on approach ensures a highly efficient service. You can be assured of accurate, cost effective and specifically targeted marketing.

About Us

Owner Douw Pretorius is the sole member of ADdirect and has been actively involved in the pamphlet distribution industry for more than 20 years. Douw has a long history of training and empowering previously disadvantaged individuals and in doing so improving general living conditions in local communities.

ADdirect is dedicated to being:


Why ADdirect? :

  • ADdirect offers an UNBEATABLE level of SERVICE. 
  • ADdirect will take every measure possible to ensure that your pamphlets are successfully delivered every time.
  • ADdirect will help our valued clients achieve maximum impact on their customer base.
  • ADdirect’s ongoing training ensures that our loyal and dedicated distributors are always courteous and professional.
  • ADdirect will make every possible attempt to direct our client’s message across thousands of customers. 
  • ADdirect offers our clients an AFFORDABLE, COST EFFECTIVE Pamphlet Distribution Service.

ADdirect knows that the key to getting a good response rate and winning new business from your leaflet campaign is knowing who to deliver to and therefore we will make sure that your pamphlets reach your target market.