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Welcome to ADdirect, your local, reliable pamphlet / leaflet distributor.

Our name says it all… ADdirect delivers your advertising message directly to your target market. No matter if you need to target business owners or homeowners, we deliver straight to their doorstep.

ADdirect is a registered business, specializing in pamphlet distribution.With a hands-on approach from management as well as shareholders, you can have peace of mind that ADdirect will deliver a highly efficient service.

With regular updates to the demographics, we keep our figures up to date ensuring that you don’t need to pay unnecessary fees for pamphlet distribution. Thus, you can be assured of accurate, cost-effective and specific targeted marketing.

With a combined industry experience of more than 50 years, you can understand that we at ADdirect not only know the benefits of pamphlet distribution but also the disadvantages. That is why we will listen to your goals and plan with you so that you can achieve your goals.

What makes ADdirect so Unique and Successful?

Proudly Southafrica
Socially Responsible
Knowledgeable Service Providers
Loyal And Reliable
High Quality Distribution

Make the right choice and partner with ADdirect for any Pamphlet Distribution!

  • ADdirect offers an UNBEATABLE level of SERVICE.
  • ADdirect will take every measure possible to ensure that your pamphlets are successfully delivered every time.
  • ADdirect will help our valued clients achieve maximum impact on their customer base.
  • ADdirect’s ongoing training ensures that our loyal and dedicated distributors are always courteous and professional.
  • ADdirect will make every possible attempt to direct our client’s message across thousands of customers.
  • ADdirect offers our clients an AFFORDABLE, COST EFFECTIVE Pamphlet Distribution Service.
  • ADdirect knows that the key to getting a good response rate and winning new business from your leaflet campaign is knowing who to deliver to and therefore we will make sure that your pamphlets reach your target market.